"Protecting the unborn... supporting the expectant mother..."

The Angel Gabriel was sent as a messenger from God. "Rejoice! Fear not!" were God's words of encouragement delivered by Gabriel. Gabriel Communications is an effort of our mother Church to help deliver this message, and to help any pregnant women.

We are trying to assist the Lord and His Angel Gabriel in delivering this message via billboards, signs and videos. Indeed, God's message on behalf of the unborn and their mothers needs to be broadcast loud and clear. We need to raise our voices, and lift the signs up high for all to see, to validate and dignify the lives of the forgotten unborn, and to educate our community.

To that end, we are now raising funds to buy billboards. We are praying that these billboards, posted with messages of truth in prominent places in our country, will help spread the pro-life message throughout the land. God's message is now in our hands. We need to assist Gabriel in delivering the message to all, "Rejoice! Fear Not!"

To contribute to this effort, please visit The Gabriel Communications Store to make a tax-deductible donation, or write us at the address below.

As another step in our outreach on behalf of the unborn and their mothers, a sign is to be erected on church property which reads:

        Pregnant? Need Help?

To see an actual sign, click here.

The Gabriel Project sign is a statement that the members of a particular church community see in each baby conceived to life, a fresh expression of God's unending love for each and every one of His children. Through the Gabriel Project, church members offer immediate and practical help to any woman.

When a woman calls for help on the hot line number (not the church rectory). she is assigned a church volunteer. The volunteer is called a Gabriel Angel who, along with the pastor or clergy, helps to discern how the church family can minister to her spiritual needs and assist her and her baby in their physical needs.

The "Gabriel Angel" (the messenger) keeps the pastor and church informed about the well being and needs of the mother and child. The role of the church is to support the mother in love and prayer and to assist the mother and child in their specific needs.

This act epitomizes the whole Church living out the Works of Mercy, both corporal and spiritual. For example: The mother comes to the church in need of a crib, housing or clothing. Gabriel makes the need known so everyone in the whole church can respond to that need.

The cost of the SIGN is $120.00 plus shipping and handling. To contribute to this effort, please visit The Gabriel Communications Store to make a tax-deductible donation, or write us at the address below.

A video is another tool now available. "Bridging the Tears" is a video that is a true testament of the reality of abortion and its traumatic effect on all whose lives it enters. This is a necessary, must-see video. "Bridging The Tears" will touch your heart thus touching the lives of all who are victims of abortion.

For more information on "Bridging the Tears", or to purchase the video online, please visit The Gabriel Communications Store, or write us at the address below.

The Gabriel Project is a whole church effort. Please help us bring this message of love and forgiveness to each other.

Gabriel Communications
319 Franklin Avenue
Cheltenham, PA 19012

For more information, contact us at: 215-379-LOVE or write to Angels319@Comcast.net.

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