"Protecting the unborn... supporting the expectant mother..."

The Angel GABRIEL was sent as a Messenger of God.

"Rejoice! Fear not!" were his words of encouragement and hope delivered to the Madonna in announcement of her unexpected pregnancy.

The Gabriel Project works to deliver this same message of hope to pregnant women today.

Our mission is to respect all life -- at any age, in any circumstance. This means that we are profoundly committed not only to the unborn, but also to their mothers.

Pregnant? Need help? Or, would you like to help someone in need?

You have arrived at the right place...


Pennsylvania residents that need benefits assistance such as HEALTH INSURANCE for their children (already existing) or pregnancy etc. should visit the following website to discover which benefits they might be entitled to. THE FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT DURING OFF PEAK HOURS SUCH AS 7PM to 6AM., or on weekends. Please visit:


Pregnant? Think you might be? Locate a Pregnancy Center near you.
Please also visit our other friends in ministry:

Priests For Life


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